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Sawyer's award winning 0.1 micron absolute hollow fiber membrane filters set the new standard for removal rates and flow rates. The new Select Series Foam Filtration systems provide even further protection where water sources can include viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, and other contaminants.

Current Situation in Haiti is Dire

Government vacuum causing a humanitarian crisis.

In times of chaos, Haiti often finds itself in a situation of scarcity. Many people will have trouble avoiding violence, finding food, and access to water. Even though humanitarian aid is brought into Port-au-Prince and other major cities, the distribution is not necessarily guaranteed. 

We work with our team in Ouanaminthe, to distribute water filtration systems to villages in the Northest Department. This area seems to not be effected by the violence being experienced in the Port-au-Prince area. Our partner Sawyer Products has a distributor in Leogane, and Fritz has confirmed that he has supplies and is able to make deliveries to our team.

Our belief is that in times of crisis, medical care and supplies suffer. We know, from interviewing recipients of our filters, that the use of these Sawyer filters has eliminated a majority of the needs for doctor visits and medicine. By furnishing clean water, we hope to keep the recipients as healthy as possible through this time and into the future. 

Our Mission Teams

What can we do in a week?

Due to a lack of sewage amongst other utilitarian infrastructure in Haiti, much of the water is contaminated. Water, used for cooking, cleaning, and consumption. Even so, Haitians will trek miles to get water, contaminated by water-borne disease or not.

With our U.S Teams and our Haitian Support Team; we can install and deliver a minimum of 600 filters. This will serve ~5,400 people for 10 years and produce up to 600,000,000 gallons of clean water

According to the UN statistics, this could save 1421 lives over 10 years and change the quality of life for 600 families.

Roger, Shareen, Jennie, Rodney and Michael pose for Reid before starting work in Capotille.
Rodney training a recipient on how to maintain her filter system.

Our Solution

Home-Based Filtration Solutions

We are developing a year-round staff in Haiti. This will allow us continue distributing home-based filter systems, even when our US teams can not make it down. These filter systems are put on a 5 or 10-gallon bucket, which is provided by recipients. The filters are made from the same fibers used in dialysis equipment. These porous fibers can be cleaned by backflushing the filters with some of the clean water they produce.

These filters are fairly inexpensive compared to Haitian families buying bottled water from a company in Ouanaminthe. The fact that we do not charge the families, due to generous donors, makes this solution a huge step forward in improving their health.

Who We Are

Christ in the Caribbean (CitC) started as a small group mission team out of the Broomfield United Methodist Church in Broomfield, CO.

In 2012 a team of 5 from Colorado traveled to Ouanaminthe, Haiti by way of the Santiago, Dominican Republic and across the  border. This team was going to work at a Christian K-13 school.

On that trip, one of our side projects was to distribute and replace a few ceramic (0.2 microns) water filters in outlying villages. At the end of the week, our Haitian leader, from the medical clinic, asked us, “How many filters can you bring next year? 150 filters were not enough.” That put the question about coming back to Haiti to rest.

Over the next six years, we have helped to distribute over 2,600 filters. Now that Covid is over, we are committed to picking up where we left off. Focusing on bringing clean water to underserved communities or rural Haiti. We have been joined on these trips by wonderful volunteers from Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Our teams have been from various denominations, but your faith is not as much a pre-requisite as your desire to bring live-changing and life-saving clean water to an overlooked area of Haiti.

We are currently a Mission Partner with Rinn UMC in Frederick, CO. We will be filing for 501(c)(3) status this year. This will be the first step in organizing and developing long term plans for larger, village-scale solutions in the rural areas around Ouanaminthe.

The bucket assembly line on the retaining wall in Capotille.

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We are always happy to answer questions about our work and possible mission teams. Please feel free to reach out to us, and let's talk about what's on your mind.