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We are distilling the essence of what CitCwater does in this post. We are looking for grant writing opportunities. If you belong to or know of Grant Applications that fund our type of work, we would love to talk to you or at least have a contact for the granting organization.

  • CitC offers Humanitarian Aid to the people of the NordEst Department of Haiti, in and around Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Ouanaminthe is located at one of the three land crossings between Haiti and Dajabon, Dominican Republic.
  • Although we work with and through churches, our mission is to improve the health of Haitian through access to improving the water that the can use to eat, drink and maintain their hygiene.
  • We operate out of Erie, Colorado, but we have had team members from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida. All are welcome to join us in this life-changing program.
  • We do not have any paid staff, so all donations and grants will be used for the purchase of supplies, Haitian staff who help facilitate our distribution program, and in-country transportation cost associated with the distribution of all methods we now or will offer in the future to provide cleaner water to Haitians.
  • We have certain Grants that can only be used if we have an American Teams traveling to Haiti, to help with and oversee a distribution. We welcome the ability to apply for all Grants, and will note such guidelines and apply at appropriate times for those funds.
  • Current activities requiring funds are the distribution of 0.1 micron filter bucket systems. Our goal is to distribute up to 6,000 filters a year. These filters will last up to 10 years if properly maintained.
  • Future plans are to establish an internal fund to allow us to drill clean water wells in areas that have polluted shallow table tables. Most village dig wells until they hit enough water. Usually, the first water they hit is very polluted.
  • Finally, where there is sufficient water, we will have an addition fund to build clean water Tap Houses. This would have a pump to supply water to a filter system inside of a building. The filtered water can be stored and released by way of 6-8 spigots on the outside of the wall of the building. We would work with each village to hire a site manager to maintain and operate the system. Supplies and maintenance materials would be managed by our Ouanaminthe Haiti Team Executive Director or a person employed for these duties.

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