How You Can Get Involved

Time, Talent, and Resources

If you feel called to get involved with bringing clean water to the people of Haiti, we hope you will do that through CitCwater. Through the years, we have had people get involved in various ways.

First, for those in our church, was to pray for wisdom and guidance for a successful mission.

We had people that we called our "Home Team". These people wanted to be involved, but knew that they would never be able to make the trip to Haiti. They helped with organizing education meetings, fundraising events, cooking and serving at fund raising dinner, helped to man information booths when we were advertising new trip opportunities.

Then we had the committed, or the curious, and the compassionate. Otherwise know as the Mission Team. These folks came from all sorts of backgrounds. They came from different denominations. They came from different states. On some of our trips, our first person-to-person contact was in Miami, while we waited during our layovers before heading on to Haiti. A week later, we had a common experience that will tie us together the rest of our lives.

Then we have the financial supporters. It may be a one time thing or an every trip thing. The guy that hand you a check for $500 for a pancake breakfast. Or the kid that hands you a dollar out of their Piggy Bank, to help someone his age have clean water.

Our organization and program is here to meet you where your heart is. If you believe that you see the benefit of our work, we want a find a way for you to get involved.


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